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There is a beautifully choreographed synergy between our bodies, and the plants that exist on earth. These intuitive botanicals posses the ability to interact with us in multi-dimensional ways, but are often far removed from their pure, unadulterated intention; the practice of their magick,

a lost art.


ˈärdər is deeply rooted in the tradition of real plant medicine.


We believe true holistic wellness exists within the intertwined branches of clinical herbalism, and metaphysical healing. Using these foundational basics of sacred self-care, we bring you an entire new way to rediscover what whole body wellness should feel like. 


With powerful, organic botanical and vitamin rich mineral potions, expert commentary and advice, amazing events, and a growing community of sisters; we are manifesting the most transformational luxury cannabis brand by women, for women today.


Cannabidiol (CBD) 

once just an experiment in a desperate search for cramp relief options, has become the Magick that sparked ˈärdər botanicals; 

A new journey for best friends, and mother/daughter partners, 

Heather and Nicole. 


After impressive results combining CBD with other mineral rich ingredients, a new passion was born.


ardor - ˈärdər  - enthusiasm or passion.

fervor, zeal, vehemence, intensity, fire, emotion;


We are ecstatic to have unlocked so many secrets already, and we want to keep exploring this amazing natural plant medicine with you, our way; combining luxurious ingredients we love, and delivering them with meticulous attention to detail.


With new products, blog posts, and more coming soon, we hope to demystify cannabis for a wider audience; exploring this gift from nature as a valuable option in a larger path to wellness.

Heather Lambert
Nicole Lambert