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The Daily Restorative from Arder Botanicals is also a true favorite. It smells, tastes and takes me back to Teramino, Sicily with its gorgeous and rich Sicilian orange olive oil. I’ll take a full dropper of this while I’m doing my morning beauty routine, since I also like to indulge and put this all over my face.  

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Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Cannabis Skincare

Everybody makes a CBD lotion these days right? Yes, but what sets these lotions from ärder apart is the CBG, a lesser known minor cannabinoid whose full benefits are still being discovered... 

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Creative Staples: CBD Products Of The Moment [ December 2018 ]

We're on a hunt to find the best luxury CBD products available. Keep scrolling to see our top picks for December 2018. Why should artists and creatives care about CBD? It might play a key part in staying healthy and ready to create. 

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Meet Heather & Nicole Lambert of arder botanicals in Augusta

ˈärdər botanicals is a mother/daughter owned canna-wellness brand, focusing on luxury products made exclusively for women. The company’s unique approach to the rising CBD market, combined with their focus on cannabis education, are great assets in bringing mainstream focus to legalization and reform efforts throughout the state.

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MJ Lifestyle Magazine

My Pregnancy Journey + What I Wish I Knew About CBD

In this article, MJ's founder Jennifer Skog shares her very personal, and powerful journey through pregnancy and motherhood. She also provides a list of CBD products she wished she had access to during her pregnancy.

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Luxury Therapy

True to Hollywood tradition, the luxury suites were in full swing the day before the Oscars, and TMG’s International 15th Annual Pre-Oscar Luxury Suite, presented by Well Being Trust, provided a much-needed opportunity for vips and media to unwind before the big event. Immediately upon arrival, escorts from Los Angeles’ prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising ushered us into an exclusive penthouse atop the mid-century-modern Beverly Hills Hilton. 

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Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth

People claim CDB can treat ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, muscle inflammation, joint pain, and even acne. The Cannabis industry isn't just selling marijuana in states where it's legal. CBD, which is put into oils, lotions and foods, has become a significant source of revenue for the industry in states where marijuana is still illegal.

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MJ Lifestyle Magazine

Issue III - Made in the City

For MJ’s policy and social justice issue where we discuss social equity with Marijuana Equity Advocate Nina Parks, MA Cannabis Control Commissioner Shaleen Title, Asst. VP of NYCEDC Jervonne Singletary, and Co-Founder of Cannaclusive Mary Pryor; We share the heart breaking and terrifying reality of Medical Kidnapping with mother/survivor Maria Selva and continue the conversation into Texas with 14 women bravely fighting for Medical Legalization.

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Millennium Magazine

Pamper Me, Please!

TMG spread the love at a penthouse suite atop the legendary Beverly Hilton Hotel.  Celebrities, press, and VIP guests all had equal opportunity to bask in the glow of a day of pampering with a social conscience at this year’s luxury suite. The love started early as each arriving guest was individually escorted to the suite who then graciously held our bags as we strolled through the lifestyle activations and salon services.

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Direct Cannabis Network

Let's Celebrate: Milestones Achieved by Cannabis Entrepreneurs in 2018 

How do you measure success? I learned slowly that all gains were really made up of incremental wins and losses. It would make no sense to celebrate just the big victory, as I would not only miss honoring the smaller gains that made the big victory possible, but I would not gain the momentum necessary even to reach the big victory at all.

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Here's a Peek Inside the Hottest Hollywood Swag Gifting Suites

It's Oscar weekend and that means swag bags are being passed out by businesses all over town in the hopes Hollywood stars show off their wares. These "gifting suites" or "gifting lounges" as they are called have become a staple of awards season and we're getting a look inside two of the hottest Oscars gifting lounges for the Academy Awards.

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Direct Cannabis Network

The Best Piece of Advice from 20 Cannabis Entrepreneurs for 2019 

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look back at the entrepreneurs we were able to spotlight in 2018, and we are thrilled to state that we ended the year featuring over 100 Entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. In an industry where visibility and role models can make an enormous difference, we are happy to do our part — and motivated to do even better next year.

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