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Incarcerated Canna-Moms

This Mother’s Day ˈärdər botanicals wants to take a moment to recognize all of the mothers that have been incarcerated due to the war on cannabis. These canna-moms do not get to enjoy breakfast in bed made by their children, don’t get to tuck their kiddos in at night, and many won’t even have the opportunity to see their children on Mother’s Day this year. In honor of these women and their families, we have partnered up with The Mary Jane Experience to raise funds in a special Mother’s Day prize pack raffle.

ˈärdər botanicals is a female owned company. What some people don’t know is that ˈärdər is not only female owned, not just family owned, but mother and daughter owned.

”My mom is my best friend, so it means everything to be able to work with her! We stay mindful of each other’s feelings, and we encourage each other to push back when we disagree. In the beginning I deferred to her a lot because well she’s my mom, and I think she knows everything; but realistically that’s not always the case. We’ve had to be able to have brutally honest discussions with each other, which has also positively effected the way we handle our personal relationship. That openness has allowed us to communicate better than we ever have both in business and outside of it.” says daughter Heather.

Owner Operators Nicole and Heather Lambert have the opportunity to work together in the cannabis industry when so many have been put in prison for the same thing, in another time in another place.

ˈärdər does not believe that non-violent cannabis crimes should carry the weighty sentences they currently do in many areas of the country. Especially when some of these women’s only cannabis crimes are that they wanted to protect their children and sought alternative medical options to do so.

Heather’s mother Nicole remembers a time when she too could (and would) have made the choice to illegally obtain cannabis and potentially been sent to jail for doing so.

“When Heather was 4 months old, she was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive cancer; malignant rhabdoid tumor. We immediately went from diagnosis, to surgery, but the tumor had started to grow back before we were even discharged. This was all in the span of four weeks.

It was decided to start chemotherapy.

Looking back now I don’t remember ever feeling like there was another choice. There were no options, no choices given. We were so young, I was 17 and my husband was 21, and we definitely got treated like we were.